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Your Thanksgiving Pie Dilemma Is Solved #MamasPies2014

Mamas Kitchen is having its yearly fundraiser Mama's Pie In The Sky raising money to feed hot meals to those with cancer and HIV/AIDS in the San Diego county.  A $25 pie will give 8 hot meals to those in need

Thanksgiving Pie Dilemma

Ah the holidays. The air is crisp you are snuggled up in your coziest outfits, and oh yeah, you have to bring the pie to the party. What? You don’t bake pies! You have to go to work, get the kids, and get ready! Even if you like baking who has time to make a PIE? Not YOU that’s for sure.

Problem solved.

Mama’s Kitchen in San Diego is making the pies for you. And these aren’t your store bought tastes like the freezer pies. These are baked by some of San Diego county’s best restaurants and volunteers just for the Thanksgiving holiday. Honestly, you could be getting an $80 pie for only $25.

Mama's Kitchen is holding its annual pie in the sky fundraiser to feed those with cancer and HIV/AIDS in the San Diego county region.

Mama’s Kitchen Pie In The Sky Bake Sale

Oh, and did I mention the feel good factor with these Mama’s Kitchen pies? Not only will you save the day with the most delicious apple, pecan, or pumpkin pies in all of San Diego county, but you will be helping those who need it. Mama’s Kitchen, a nonprofit organization that delivers healthy meals at no cost to San Diego men, women and children affected by HIV/AIDS or cancer vulnerable to hunger. The Mama’s Pie In The Sky Thanksgiving bake sale is one of their biggest money makers. With each pie sold they are able to deliver 8 hot meals to those living with cancer or HIV/AIDS in the San Diego county.


So this Thanksgiving you will be solving two problems at the same time. By bringing one of Mama’s Kitchen pies you will arrive at your Thanksgiving dinner looking amazing (not covered in sweat and flour) all while helping out your neighbors. For $25 you can order you favorite pie today, Dutch Apple, Apple, Pumpkin or Pecan, and you will pick it up at your nearby Wells Fargo when they are ready for delivery. Easy as pie!

You’ll be the hero of the party AND your hometown. Go ahead, wear that tiara proudly.

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