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XB Sexy Cocktail for Labor Day Weekend!

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Beat the Summer Heat with a Refreshing ‘XB Sexy’ Cocktail

Labor Day weekend is here in all her heated glory.  It’s the unofficial send off to Summer so let’s send her off with her own sexy cocktail.  I am a fan of gin and cucumber in my Summer cocktails so the XB Sexy Cocktail is perfect for this little pinup.  You can make these one by one, or a whole a pitcher and have it ready to go for all your 21 and up guests this weekend.

xb cocktail for summer in a highball glass with cucumber gin and lemon

XB Sexy Cocktail!

2 oz. gin
3/4 oz. XB
3/4 oz. lemon
½ oz. honey syrup
Cucumber slices
Top with soda

A high-quality premixed spin on the classic “Sex on the Beach” cocktail, XB starts with premium vodka triple-distilled from pure Swiss glacial mountain water, blended with the finest natural orange, cranberry, peach and grape juices sourced from the U.S., France and Italy. Its relatively modest 12.5% alcohol content, similar to a glass of wine, allows it to serve as a daytime drink, indoors or under the sun.

XB is designed to be enjoyed alone or as a complement to other spirits, blending well with champagne or sparkling wine as easily as vodka, gin, tequila or whiskey.

New XB Bottle - Hi Res

Southern Wine & Spirits and other distributors are currently distributing the brand across the country.  You can find it a retailer near you.  XB is available in two bottle sizes, 750 ml (appx. $30 SRP) and 1.75 liter, with 200 ml cans coming soon.

Visit or find XB on Facebook (XBonthebeach) and Twitter (@sexonthebeachXB)

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  1. I want that NOW!

  2. Sounds really refreshing!