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Wyatt Is Fantastic says Crow


I know every new mom says this, but Momma Sheryl Crow says that her son, Wyatt, is “fantastic”.

“He’s fantastic,” the 45-year-old gushed to OK!. “He’s my little sidekick. We go everywhere together.”

As for how 5-month-old Wyatt is developing, Sheryl brought OK! up to date on the latest news. “He’s got six teeth now. He looks like a little boy.”

And it looks like she might be creating a little rocker in her own image. “Wyatt was there the whole time I was making my record,” Sheryl revealed to OK!. “He was wonderful; he’s on one of the songs! It comes out Valentine’s Day, so we’re gonna go celebrate.”

He’s on one of the songs? Playing what, the tambourine? Maybe it will be like Stevie Wonder‘s Isn’t she lovely where you can her the baby in the background.

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