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Get Fit On A Budget – Fitness & Workout Must Haves You Can Afford

Affordable Fitness Must Haves

Affordable Fitness Tips

Attention, not only is the Summer swimsuit season creeping up on us, but so are all of those other Southern California Lifestyle events that get you your photo taken. Weddings, graduations, birthdays, Fathers Day; and you will get your picture at every one of them.

The last thing that should be keep you from looking and feeling great is the cost of working out. So, we compiled a list of  our favorite AFFORDABLE FITNESS MUST HAVES to get your ready for your closeup and beyond.

Have a workout plan

Between work, home, friends and errands it may seem that there is no time for you to get your sweat on. This is why you need a plan, and a back up plan. Do you already belong to a gym? Great, get yourself there once a day and sweat like crazy for 30 minutes to an hour. It doesn’t matter if it is first thing in the morning before everyone else is awake, during your lunch, or after work, you just need to get there.

Find a class, DVD workout, or YouTube channel you really like and get on it. While relying on classes at the gym, or studio nearby can set you up for failure in our opinion, if you do find something you love, and can do consistently, then do it! Don’t have a set in stone schedule? Grab a DVD of workouts or a YouTube workout channel. We do have a favorite YouTube channel that we use all of the time on the go and at home. We chromecast it to the TV in the living room, or watch it on our phone while at work. No excuses for us, that’s for sure.

Workout Clothes

HYLETE womens workout clothes

Let’s face it those expensive leggings are oh-so-cute and the new status symbol, but to be real you’re going to sweat your ass off in them. What you need is something that feels great and won’t make your wallet cry. We are partial to the crossfit brand Hylete with their super cute colors, workout clothes that feel soft, and in our budget. The Hylete Stratus Invex line of crop pants feel like cotton, not like spandex, but still wicks the sweat away. That is a nice change from our usual unbreathable thread-worn cheap workout clothes we used to throw on. And a bonus the Hylete tops fit our large chest just fine. (34 DD and the large and XL sizes fit and still let us move around, WIN!)

Portable Fitness Must Haves

Affordable workout gear

Now that you have a plan A, cute and affordable workout clothes it’s time for Plan B to take full effect. The workout gear you can take with you.

The days that we need a quick stress buster or know that the workout we originally planned will not be happening we break these out at work or the living room for a quick 5-15 minute sweat sesh.

While the 5 pound weights may not be convenient to throw in your purse, you can leave them under your desk at work. Trust us, that’s what we do. And the workout bands come in a great travel bag or you can throw just one in your larger purse to have on hand. And if those are still too cumbersome, the mini resistance bands couldn’t take up less space if they tried. Their case is smaller than a cell phone, so no excuses.

The great side bonus of having this at work? Co-workers tend to join in and support you. Doing a quick set for arms or booty seems doable when you know it’s less than 10 minutes at a time.

Muscle Recovery

Muscle Recovery workout recovery with Epsoak

We want to dream that every week after busting your booty working out and eating well you would be able to get a massage to work everything out, but we know that’s not budget friendly.  The best affordable fitness must have for workout and muscle recovery is an Epsom Salt bath. We like to use Epsoak with essential oils like lavender or eucalyptus and it becomes more like the spa.

These Epsom Salt soaks help with muscle soreness and fatigue and as a bonus aids in detoxing the body. We do this at least once a week, and it was almost daily during our Ironman days. For under $20 for the entire bag of relief it’s more than worth it.

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