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'Workout' Online.. with ZEN!

zen gray workout online

Although our favorite trainer, ZEN GRAY, will not be appearing on this season of Workout on Bravo (tear), she has decided to do something new, online training… here’s what she has to say…

So many people have asked me to coach them online, that I’ve decided to devote some time to one-on-one coaching via Internet. Since I have limited time to do this, I will only be taking the first 10 people that are fully committed to doing one month with unbridled enthusiasm for improving their health.

You’ve got to show me that you really want this for me to accept you into my online program.

I want a good track record. So don’t make me look bad!

To apply for online coaching:

1. Send an email to from your “real” email address.

2. Give me 5 reasons why you need me to be your coach.

I don’t know how motivated I’d be to do this online… I mean, I love Zen and all, so maybe that’d be more of a get going. What about you? Would YOU pay a trainer online?