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Work out.. Triathlete


For those of us who watch Bravo, home of Project Runway, Queer Eye,and D-List also brought us Work Out. Work out follows the lives of trainers at Sky Sport in LA.

I just want to congratulate trainer Zen Gray from Work Out on completing the Malibu Triathlon yesterday! She even saw David Duchovny there as well. (bees love him too!) Here’s what she had to say-

Yesterday, I swam .5 miles in the waters off Malibu, biked 18 miles up and down some hills along Pacific Coast Highway, and ran 4 miles (well, ran mostly) to top it all off.

That’s considered a “sprint” distance triathlon.
I barely kept myself from puking… again.

OH! And I totally saw David Duchovny and barely got out a “Woo, DAVID!” as he ran by me in the transition area.
It just sorta slipped out.

Congrats Zen… And welcome to the triathlon club ;-)

See the pics of Zen, and David below!!!


zenlookingatthewater.jpg david1.jpg david2.jpg david3.jpg david4.jpg zen-not-puking.jpg

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