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Work Out-a-here


Bravo TV has this reality drama series called “Work Out” that follows the owner of Sky/Sport/Spa, Jackie Warner, and her trainers. Drama ensues. If you’ve spent any time at a gym, you know that the trainers are all about drama.

To know a season 3 spoiler click to continue

Well it seems that drama filled trainer, Brian Peeler, has either quit Sky Sport Spa or has been asked to leave.

This really isn’t a big surprise as he was always trying to be the HBIC when we all know that’s Jackie.

“Peeler” is in process of buying a gym, Body Image (, and is now trying to get his “fans” to write BRAVO TV to get his own show… would you watch a show just about Brian Peeler? I wouldn’t. But then, he reminds me too much of most of the trainers I know already.

Good Luck Brian…

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