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Winter Cocktails – Peppermint Cocoa For Grownups

Peppermint cocoa cocktail yum

Winter Cocktails

With the chill of the season upon us, it’s time for the cocktails to turn to coziness and comfort. If you enjoy your winter and holiday cocktails hot, then how about some hot chocolate for the grownups?

There is something about hot cocoa that brings the winter holiday season to life. Maybe it is the dream of spending days building snowmen outside and staying warm with a nice hot cup of cocoa with marshmallows or whipped cream floating on top. Place a peppermint candy cane in it and you have a festive treat.

This adult Peppermint Cocoa cocktail brings all of those winter holiday memories together in an adult cocktail. Warm hot chocolate with Pinnacle Peppermint Bark Vodka in your favorite mug makes for a wonderful treat with friends.

Adult Peppermint Cocoa Cocktail

Pinnacle Peppermint Cocoa Recipe

1 part Pinnacle Peppermint Bark Vodka
1 cup Hot Chocolate
First, pour vodka into a heat-proof mug then, fill the rest of the mug with hot chocolate. Top with whipped cream.

If you are feeling a little extra festive during this Holiday season, you can float marshmallow snowmen or chocolate dipped marshmallows on top when you serve the Peppermint Cocoa cocktail to friends. Serve along side sugar cookies or other delicious winter goodies and you have a perfect treat to wind up a day of playing in the snow, or if you’re in Southern California playing in the sun. Maybe even Santa would enjoy a cup of this after a long night of delivering gifts all over the world.

Keep this recipe in mind and remember that the tastes of the season are made of more than Pumpkin Spice! In a recent study of adults it was found that while Pumpkin Spice is king, other flavors are gaining ground.

Favorite Holiday Flavors

• 1/3 of adults think pumpkin will be the most popular flavor during this season, but other flavors are gaining traction!
• 1-in-5 adults say pecan pie is the seasonal flavor they personally enjoy during the holidays
• Peppermint is the flavor of choice when it comes to seasonal cocktails, followed by caramel apple and salted caramel
• Pecan pie was a favorite flavor in the South, while peppermint was preferred by respondents in the West

Keep this in mind when planning your next party this winter party season.

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