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Winehouse Released!

Amy winehouse released after being questioned about her husband blake fielder civil

After voluntarily going to the police for questioning today (which includes the person being question being booked) Amy Winehouse has been released.

Winehouse’s U.S. rep tells PEOPLE: “I can confirm that she did go in voluntarily to be interviewed and was placed under arrest, as is common practice in the U.K., before being questioned.”

The singer was released after being questioned, her rep says…

Winehouse was forced to give fingerprints and a saliva swab to police. “Any person arrested is required to give both DNA and fingerprints,” says the spokeswoman.

Thank goodness she didn’t stay! I was talking to someone about what a pain it would be for Amy to detox in jail! Could you imagine going cold turkey off coke and H?!?! I mean, if she did any of that…. heehee. I’d HATE to be her cell mate!