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Winehouse Calls out Kanye!

I love Amy Winehouse. She’s the world’s most visible trainwreck at the moment, but she’s getting help. And she still manages to call out Kanye West! haha

If you watch the clip above, she’s singing one of th songs off her last album “Back to Black” “Some Unholy War” which she , of course, wrote in regards to her Blake “incarcerated”. Man, she is sounding so good now!! Anyways, fast forward to 2:00 “At least I’m not opening for a C^nt Like Kanye” HAHA … my favorite part is that she starts laughing with her singers afterwards like it’s some sort of inside joke. LOVE IT!!!

Oh and in response… Kanye left this on his blog. What? No 10 page tirade?

kanye west response to amy winehouse calling him a cunt

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