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Why Was Jessica Simpson there?


Ok Ok , I know she’s trying to get in the public eye any way she can since her last album didn’t go so well. And neither did her last movie(s). So I guess the only way for her to get attention now is to suggest being naked.

I’m so mean.

Trying a little too hard, dressed in all black with black nail polish on the hands and toes , Jessica Simpson showed up at the Fredericks of Hollywood fashion show last night. Man, I don’t know what kind of fight she and Ken Paves got into, but he’s just making her hair look like poo!

And does she ever shut her mouth?

That is a nice dress though….

See, I can be nice.

jessicasimpsonsheneedsashowerandistryingtoohard.jpg jessicasimpsontouchingherdirtyhair.jpg jessicasimpsonistryingtoohardcloseupshot.jpg