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Whose Job is it Anyways?



It has just been announced on People’s website that Drew Carey will be the new host of the “Price is Right”. Drew will be filling the shoes of Bob Barker who retired last month.

Carey, who will also be host of a new CBS prime-time game show, The Power of 10, told Letterman that he only learned that the deal had been done a few minutes before appearing on stage.

“When do you begin?” asked Letterman, to which Carey, 49, replied: “You got me…All I know is that all the deal points we wanted got settled. And I just found out, honestly.”

You know what would be great is if Lewis and Oswald took the place of the Barker Beauties. At least for the first show. I’d LOVE it!!! And Mimi would have to be one for the showcase showdown. Blue eyeshadow galore!!!

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