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“wholly exaggerated”

heathermills is a liar

Now that the 50 MILLION dollar divorce is settled, details regarding the Paul McCartney hearing are coming out. And now we know why Heather Mills didn’t want the details to see the light of day.

The judge in the case called her evidence ” inconsistent and inaccurate “. Does that mean she’s being called a liar?

To read more about Heather’s “inconsistent and inaccurate” evidence click below.

Her case was “wholly exaggerated”.

She must have felt “rather swept off her feet” by such a famous man, which may have “warped her perception leading her to indulge in make-belief”.

Her presence was “emotionally supportive” to him but to suggest that she was his business partner is “make belief”. Her claim that she was his “psychologist” is “typical of her make-belief”.

Her case was “devoid of reality” and Sir Paul’s evidence “far more persuasive”.

“She is entitled to feel that she has been ridiculed even vilified. To some extent she is her own worst enemy. She has an explosive and volative character.”

“She cannot have done herself any good” in the eyes of anyone who might want to hire her as a TV presenter, public speaker or model.

Sir Paul said that his wife had “violently assaulted” his character. Miss Mills branded her husband as “a hypocrite and a monster”.

If she considers the sum to be “unfairly low”, she should remember it was up to her to make “a rational and logical case”.