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Who wants to see Amy Winehouse TOPLESS!!!

WOOOOOOOOOOOOO  you know you want to!   I think I’m going to lose my lunch.  :-x

No No, Amy Winehouse, who is SAID to be a treatment center, for “breathing issues” (what?) was in the  Caribbean  island of St Lucia looking much healthier than usual!!!!  She even has a non-emaciated tummy!


An onlooker said

Amy just whipped off her top and dived in to the sea without a care in the world. She was looking a better than she has for a while. A bit of sun is just what she needs.”

She looks pretty good, nice top, too.  I mean, what? I hope this is a move in the right direction.  Too bad I’m here exploiting her road to recovery.  I’m such a parasite.