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Who saw this coming? Lindsay and Samantha Kaput!

lindsay lohan samantha ronson personal pic

That’s right… Access Hollywood is saying that a “source” close to the couple is say that  that the troubled twosome are DONE! O-V-E-R!  I know, we are all shocked and stunned.  I mean, who saw this coming?  They were so calm and sweet and loving, and … oh who am I kidding.  Lindsay was a mess!!!  Breaking things, shouting “you never say you love me!!!!”  Yeah, that is a stable person.

Any fauxmosexual, AH has this

Lindsay has moved out of the home she shared with Samantha and gotten a place of her own, the source said.

This was following what is said to be a major blowout on New Years that ended in the hotel room being torn apart and the two of them punching each other in front of other guests.

pic source Lindsay Lohan’s MYSPACE

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