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Which Gossip is the Liar?


Alrighty… this is when the gossip gets interesting.

2 gossip sites, INF Daily, and OK! magazine have completely different accounts of the premier of “The Assassination of Jesse James”.

OK Magazine
is claiming Angelina Jolie is pregnant (of course she is, it’s a day ending in Y). And the MAIN evidence they point to is that she didn’t have any of the wine that was flowing.

the epicure shunned the flowing Italian vino that was flowing freely. A creature of habit, Angie has always been known to enjoy a glass of fine wine at all of her events, except this one. “I only saw her drinking Acqua Panna water with a slice of lime the entire evening,” the witness adds.


INF DAILY had THIS to say about THE SAME PARTY!!!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt tried to sneak out of the after-party for his new Jesse James movie, ‘cos Ange had had one too many. “She was having a great time, drinking white wine and enjoying all the good feedback Brad was getting for the new film,” an insider at Gustavino’s restaurant in New York tells us. “She had a little too much to drink, so Brad took her by the hand and whisked her out the back door at the end of the night, hoping they wouldn’t be spotted by photographers. She wasn’t ‘Lindsay Lohan’ drunk, but she was definitely slurring her words.”

So you make the decision. Who’s the liar…. I’d say OK! doesn’t have their facts straight. A pregnant Angelina sells more papers than a tipsy Angelina.