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Where the Heck Are Dave Shelly and Chainsaw?!?!

Alright. This is mostly for SoCal tweeps, but there are a few in Chicago, and even troops in the Middle East who listen to these chuckle heads in the morning, so it’s worth my time.

Dave, Shelly & Chainsaw are (sorry, WERE) one of the top (if not the BIGGEST) morning shows in San Diego. As of this morning, they were off the air, and someone was in their time slot on 101.5 KGB. WHAT IN THE WORLD??? The DSC have been on various stations in San Diego since 1990.

I got a phone message this morning, asking if I knew what happened to the show, and this is what I found out.

While early this morning,, a branch off of‘s main site, was still up. But if you go there now, it’s “forbidden”.

On KGB’s website was this statement:
“After extensive negotiations, and offering the DSC team a very lucrative, multi-year offer, we were unfortunately not able to reach an agreement to keep the show with KGB,” the statement reads.

“We wish Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw all the best in their future pursuits and thank them for their contribution to the station,” the statement continues. “KGB has had a special relationship with listeners in San Diego as the leading classic rock station for many years. We look forward to continuing that tradition.”

Now, this should not be a HUGE surprise to listeners. Before Dave Rickards, Shelly Dunn and Cookie “Chainsaw” Randolph, (along with Emily, Boyer, and Ruth 66) left for Christmas, they kept talking about “getting fired” and not coming back. DSC also did not do their “Best of” CD this year, leading MANY listeners to start looking for clues on them leaving KGB.

I finally accepted the demise of the DSC, when Ruth 66 (real name Nina) posted on her twitter that she had indeed lost her job.
– Yes it’s true. I’m unemployed again. Thank you for all the love and support. People are incredibly kind n caring. It has touched my heart.
– I feel blessed to have so many kind peeps cheering me on. I am doing well thanks for asking!
– I plan to file for unemployment, make a new resume and remain positive about my prospects.

What a bummer… I have been able to meet everyone on the show a few times for CD signings, and they are indeed a San Diego institution.

101.5 KGB is owned by Clear Channel Communications.


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