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Where are The DSC???

So I went for my morning run, at early 30 this morning, and when I got back to the car? No DSC on 100.7 Jack FM… AGAIN!

Now, one day I get. They weren’t on the air yesterday either. Are they on vacation? Doesn’t sound like it from the people I’ve been asking…

And all during the “Love Your Show” Show, Dave Rickards (the D of DSC) kept saying he looked forward to “talking to all of you on the phones next week”.

More as I get it!

Image via Jack FM

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  1. I just heard they “should” be back tomorrow! Yay! So send those jingles in!

  2. WOooo Hoooo Jack fm just posted that the DSC is back tomorrow!

    Jack FM San Diego Don’t fret DSC will be back live and in person tomorrow morning!