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When panties fight back

Give Meredith Viera her freaking award right now. How she kept a straight face and was able to ask this woman real questions, I will never know. Katie Couric would have been giggling like the little 1st grader she is if this showed up on her watch. That’s why everyone loves Meredith, and no one likes Katie. The interview goes on for well over 5 minutes, and she’s just talking about killer panties like it’s Katrina.

It seems some “lady” was putting on her Victoria’s Secret THONG panties with a decorative metal heart on it, you know the ones I’m talking about. Those panties became so upset that they were going to have to sit all day on her butt that they FOUGHT BACK. The metal went flying up into her eye.

She is now SUING Victoria’s Secret for the pain she had due to being hit in the eye with her pantie parts.

You know those things started off as bikini briefs, but by the time she got them up they were thongs. How much freaking strain were your undies under for them to sling shot the metal UP INTO YOUR EYE?? I mean, I’m no skinny Minny, but I know when my undies are too tight, and never have they fought back.