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When BusyBee Met Sam The Cooking Guy

Busy Bee LOVES Sam The Cooking Guy!

This past Friday, Busy Bee had the great please of going to watch Sam The Cooking Guy do his thing LIVE and in person! How freaking excited was I?? I mean combining food, and entertainment? I’m in heaven!

Oh don’t quite know where you know Sam the Cooking Guy from??? He has a cooking show called “Sam the Cooking Guy” and a national show on Discovery Health/Fit TV “Just Cook This”. He’s also the cook that told Kathie Lee and Hoda to shut their pie holes on the Today Show.


Now, BBB won the seat in his cooking class at San Diego Kitchen and Bath because I was listening to Sam on his weekly visit to The DSC on Jack FM, and Sam offered tickets to people on Twitter and Facebook. And I won! (are you following BBB on Twitter and Facebook?)

So, I packed up the car and drove down to San Diego and parked my fanny in the seat to watch Sam The Cooking Guy work up a bunch of good food that even I will attempt to make! WOOHOO!

Have I told you about my love of cottage cheese?

Sam met everyone at the door and the menu for the night was….

Just Things I Like
– My Favorite Cocktails
– Five-Minute Stir Fry Noodles
– Roasted Tomato & Goat Cheese Salad
– Blue Cheese & Olive Bread
– BBQ’d Shrimp
– Buffalo Chicken Pizza
– Brownie Surprise

It was all so freaking good. At one point I took a bite of the Buffalo pizza and said to myself “Oh this is so good”. Why was everyone looking at me? Oh, wait, that wasn’t to myself, I said it out loud… really loud. Oh well.

Not only did he cook, but Sam took questions the entire night! If you ever wanted to know ANYTHING about Sam, take one of his classes (go to to see the schedule). We heard all about how he got started, how he recently lost a lot of weight, how his career took a wild turn thanks to 9/11, and my favorite, all about his trip to Hong Kong!

To Boston, You’re Effing Wicked! Love, Sam

Sam is nothing if not gracious, funny, and surprising a little blue in his language. (You can’t swear on TV after all). Sam even took time to sign books, and take pictures following the class. There was one couple from Boston who will never be the same…lol.

Thank you again Sam, and DSC. I really cannot thank you enough for a great night out with one of my favorite people.

All photos via Busy Bee Blogger

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