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What to expect from Madonna and Britney

madonna chihuahua human nature

With all the talk about Madonna being joined either in person, or just on the projector during the Sticky and Sweet Tour, everyone wants to know what we will be seeing. Some want the make out session from the VMA’s (yawn) whereas others want something a little more artsy (yay)!

Here’s what Showbiz has to say is going to happen….

“It’s absolutely classic Madonna.

“Probably the raunchiest stuff she has ever done. It leaves nothing to the imagination and will be very controversial.

“Britney and Madonna are unwrapped like mummies, to appear together almost naked apart from tiny leather bondage pants and knee-high boots.

“They then dance closely together, pressing their hands and bodies together.

“There will be big rows over whether it is sexy, shocking or both.”

I think they should just re-enact her BDSM Human Nature video with Britney as the Chihuahua.

That works.

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