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What To Do When The Flu Knocks You Down

Easy feel better tips for cold and flu season

Tips On How To Feel Better With The Cold or Flu

This is the season of getting sick. Everyone is staying inside more often, we are traveling all over and that means lots of icky germs, bacteria and viruses are working their way to you. You know that nagging feeling that you should go to sleep or you are just a little achy, that my friend is sick. And you are it. Like a game of tag you didn’t want to be a part of.

So you’re down with a terrible cold or even the flu, now what? Many of these tips are also similar to Natural Hangover Remedies so you can take a look at those as well!


This one is the hardest to do. We are so busy trying to get work done, mark off the to-do list, it’s the holidays for crying out loud, you don’t have time to be sick! Well, if you want to get better this is what you need to be doing: go to bed, sleep and then sleep some more. Most of us don’t get enough down time as it is, and now your body is making you take a break. So just give in and let it recuperate why don’t ya.

To make sleepy time in the middle of the day a little easier, I wear a sleep mask. I tend to get photophobic when I don’t feel well, and it really hurts my eyes. My sleep mask blocks out enough light that I can rest. We suggest you get either a pure silk sleep mask, or one that is fun and makes you feel better just looking at it. After all, whatever makes you feel better is what works for you.


This is the number one recommended tip from experts: Drink More Water Consistently. It is not just how much water you drink but that you do it throughout the day. 1-2 glasses every 2 hours or so should be good.

I like to add in an Emergen-C pack to that extra punch of health supporting goodies.

You can also have tea. If your tummy is not feeling great, I suggest having peppermint or ginger tea, both are great for settling stomachs that come with being sick. On our trip to China, I also found the benefits of Pu Erh Tea. While it may taste a little like tree bark, in a good way IMO, it has great health benefits, including lowering cholesterol.

Of course you can also add in your favorite electrolyte drink, but be careful with the sugar. Sugar can upset your tummy if there’s too much.


This may sound odd but the best thing I find when anyone here gets sick is to throw them in an Epsom Salt bath. Usually saved for athletes to ward off muscle soreness or bruising, a nice warm Epson salt bath can do wonders to help the muscle aches of being sick float away. Get some with lemongrass essential oils to add to the muscle tension help if you can.


Ok, so this one may not be medically recommended but it makes us feel better. Binge watch your favorite shows! Whether you’re partial to the Real Housewives, Orange is the new Black, Stranger Things or Downton Abbey there is sure to be something on one of the streaming services you will like. So snuggle in with your water and rest up with enjoying your new favorite show.

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