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What is wrong with Jessica Simpson? Ear Candling Video

Sigh, seeing this video of Jessica Simpson ear candling herself and screaming should not surprise me. I’m surprised she’s able to walk down the hallway in the morning without wondering where she is.

Jessica posted the following video on her twitter account. Jessica is seen SCREAMING with an ear candle ablaze over her head, with a, sigh, pizza box used to make sure none of the ashes fall on her face. All the while her bff, Ken Paves, is filming her.

Ok, in one of my lives, I worked at a spa, and they STILL do ear candling there. It is NOT painful, and I have no idea why Jessica Simpson is screaming like someone is stabbing her with needles. The wax does NOT going INTO your ear. It burns away.

The candle is a cone shape, made of wax and linen. The cone serves as a chimney and pulls OUT your ear wax and yeast and whatever else is in the ear canal. The wax from the candle does not DRIP into your ear. And you DO NOT hold the candle yourself. If you did, the ashes from the linen might fall on your head! sigh. (you can see a video HERE)

What is wrong with this woman?

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