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Which Dog Breeds Go Well Together? Which To Avoid!

Dog Breed Compatibility

What puppy should I get?

Loving a puppy can be an all consuming thing. Bringing your furbaby home can change your life forever, in all sorts of ways. But what if you want to keep that love going and bring ANOTHER dog home for your growing family to enjoy?

Adopting a second dog and bringing it into the home can be complicated. In addition to getting set up with more comfortable dog beds, food and KONG toys, you have to take into consideration how their temperaments mix. Some dog breeds do not get along with others all that well, so it is important to understand which breeds of dogs generally get along with other breeds of dogs. It is best to know this before bringing another pet home and having to deal with constant fighting between them!

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Which Dog Breeds Get Along With Each Other?

Some may think that just because a dog is a dog that they all get along with each other naturally. While this may be true if you take the time to train your new dogs and current dog consistently, it is nice to know which dog breeds to keep an eye on.

While not good at hours of fetch, or in especially hot climates, French Bulldogs are very popular right now, so who would they best get along with? Since they are smaller dogs, and a bit silly, Frenchies get along best with Boxers, and Labradors. It is best NOT to pair Frenchies with herding dogs, like Corgis, Border Collies, or Australian Shepherds.

No matter if their golden, chocolate or black, there’s not deny that the Labrador is America’s FAVORITE dog. Because of their gentle and easy to please personalities and loyalty this breed gets along well with just about any other breed of dog.

Which dog breeds do not get along with others?

It’s not that these dog breeds aren’t lovable and good with any other breeds, you should just keep their temperaments in mind when bringing them into your home with another dog.

Because they are naturally laid back and kind of chill, Bulldogs should not be paired with small high strung breeds. Instead, pair them with some of the larger breeds who are also kind of chill – Mastiff, Boxer and Doberman.

While they look very cute in a variety of costumes, Dachshunds, with their small size, strong personalities and high energy are best paired with docile breeds. These wiener dogs do well with Pugs, Labs and Maltese breeds.

Want to learn more about dog breeds and which ones do well together? PuppySpot is a great resource and can help you find your next puppy!


Dog Breed Compatibility Which Puppy Should I get

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