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What does Adrianne Curry think of this?

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From the Myspace of Adrianne Curry…. Her take on the whole Britney Spears mess.

Poor Britney/A big F U to the press
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If I were her parents, I would have made that manager dissapear without a trace. I woulda gave some cement boots to that fucking pap she is dating too. Anyone who would exploit a sick human being like that doesn’t deserve to live.

The Pap went and RATTED to the press. It shows how unstable she is to still even speak or look at him after that. The manager was living in her home! (and is alleged to be doing MUCH worse) Poor girl. I hope Doctors can help her. This is the saddest thing I have ever seen. She needs to just go to some odd state and vanish from the public eye completely untill she is normal again. The last thing anyone wants to see is someone die.(unless your the media) The press, and the photographers stalking her and her family are fucking SICK and VILE. I hope you all enjoy what you earned in HELL.

There should be a law that keps Paps at least 2 or 3 yards AWAY from who ever it is that they are STALKING. Maybe a law against stalking the mentally ill, or the visably distraught? What has this world come to?