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What about WINE For The Big Game?

The Super Bowl is THIS SUNDAY! You know that means more food than you can handle and usually lots of beer. But what if you are just not into beer? Or want to save the calories for the food! Or maybe you just prefer wine all around, but are not sure if it will pair well with any of your food.

This SoCal pinup has you covered on all fronts when it comes to game day food and the wine that goes with it!

Burger and Dolce Rosso
Burgers and Sweet Dolce Rosso – Hmm nothing says game day like a big juicy burger. If you plan on bracing the cold and grilling up a few burgers for the big game, pair it with a rich and sweet Dolce Rosso. The deep flavors will enhance your succulent burger.

Chips and Pinot
Chips & Dip & Pinot –Sip on some light and airy Pinot Girigo to wash away the abundance of salt that comes along with an addicting chip and dip platter.

Moscato and Wings
Hot Wings and Moscato – This is where you will find this little pinup. I love a giant plate full of hot chicken wings!! Mostcato’s sweet and tangy flavor is perfect for cutting through the acidity and heat that comes with eating buffalo wings.

Sub and Prosecco
Subs and Bubbly Prosecco – Unexpected, I know. Who would have thought Prosecco would pair will with a sub? But it balances quite nicely. Bubbly Prosecco is perfect for a lighter option to go with a sub’s heavy cold cuts and thick Italian bread.

And don’t worry TOO much about the calories with the wine. Voga’s Baby Sparkling Wine is perfectly portioned at only 155 calories!

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  1. I can’t imagine drinking wine with any of these foods

  2. Forgive me, but I’d rather have an ice cold beer! =)

  3. Bubbly and anything is my style. Nothing like white wine and spicy wings.

  4. Wine is definitely my thing, but I will tell you when it comes to football I will crack open a beer.

  5. Oh those chicken wings, whether it’s the Super Bowl or not, it’s always a good time for those!

  6. A lot of wine was consume yesterday. Today isn’t a good day.