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Well THAT was Awkward!

It’s the time of year that everyone does their TOP 10 LISTS!

And Time Magazine has come up with one of their own


This list is GREAT!

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10.) Rudy Giuliani’s kids won’t back him for president.

First, Rudy Giuliani’s son spoke publicly this spring about his estrangement from his father. Then the Republican presidential candidate got stung again in August when it was reported that his daughter Caroline was part of a Facebook group supporting Democrat Barack Obama’s bid for the White House. When approached the Harvard freshman about her online profile, she declined to comment and withdrew from the Obama group, which could be interpreted as a sign of civility toward her father — or as a desire to stay out of the spotlight.

9.) Miss Teen South Carolina says Americans don’t know about geography because they lack maps.


8.) Fox TV censors Sally Field at the Emmy Awards for using the GD word.

7.) Rosie O’Donnell calls co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck a coward on “The View.”

britney spears VMA awards 2007

6.) Britney Spears’ zombie dance at the MTV Video Music Awards.

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5.) Family values Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) admits his number is in the so-called D.C. Madam’s little black book. The conservative Republican, who had called for Bill Clinton to resign during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, apologized to “all those I have let down.”

4.) David Hasselhoff drunk on the floor eating a cheeseburger.

alec baldwin and his daughter

3.) Alec Baldwin leaves a phone message for his 11 year old daughter calling her a rude fat pig.

Paris sent back to jail

2.) Paris Hilton cries for her mommy after been sent BACK into jail.

1.) Columbia University President Lee Bollinger invites the Iranian president to speak on campus.



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