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Weird Ways To Get Fit

Elvgren red hair pinup exercise machine weight loss

Ok little bees and pinups, I want to know what are the weirdest things you, or a friend, have ever done to get fit or lose weight?

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  1. I can’t think of anything “weird”.

  2. Well, I recall the time I went jogging, wearing a winter jacket, three jumpers and two shirts that had me sweating for hours!! i had read that the more you wear, the quicker and harder you’ll sweat.

    I was pouring in sweat and that 30 minute jog had me exhausted… and smelling. haha

  3. my technique is to order pizza – hasn’t worked yet!

  4. Believe it or not, I actually tried that contraption she is using in the photo…. It was suppose to shake up the fat…. Needless to say it did not work ;-)

  5. The weirdest thing I ever did was go on the egg diet. Eggs for breakie, lunch and dinner. After a week I could not look at an egg again and lost 0 lbs..

  6. Cabbage Soup Diet; I still can’t eat cabbage, I’m scared for life!

  7. Ew, cabbage soup diet sounds hellish.

  8. I’ve used skin care products to tighten and tone my body. I’ve also tried a few diets. Oh, and body wraps.