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Weekend Running Routine

elvgren pinup girl running in red shorts and white shirt

Good Monday Morning little bees and pinups!

This weekend we got in a lot of running. We are preparing for the America’s Finest City half marathon in August. Just 13.1 teen tiny miles. So last night we spent 8 miles on the coast right next to the beach.

Did you get out this weekend? What did you all do?

Oh, and mixing cocktails and side dishes totally count as cardio.

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  1. All I did this weekend was work and run errands :(

  2. I cleaned my house and had a few cocktails that has to count for something. =)

  3. I try not to do anything that requires running, unless it’s to the store =)

  4. I recently started running. Only up to 3 miles.

  5. LOL you impress me, I cannot run. My running is chasing my granddaughter.

  6. Ya my exercise is chasing my daughter – sometimes I feel I run a marathon going after her….

  7. I don’t even own any trainers…

  8. All day every day.

  9. running – sachel paige said never run