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Weekend Plans?

One more day!!!

That’s right the weekend officially begins tomorrow, but who are you kidding? For you it starts tonight!

And none of us want to hear anyone saying “There’s nothing to do.” So we have a short list of things going on. Feel free to let us know what’s going on in your area.

Have a fantastic weekend y’all. And remember to have a driver :-*

San Diego, CA
Sin Nightclub- San Diego Young Professionals are having their own VIP list. This club is new and looks oh so hip.

Aubergine – “Sexy Simplicity” fashion show, extravagant sushi bar, Hollywood bad boy DJ Sid Vicious and Hometown DJ ‘the Fresh One’
Red Circle Cafe- – The SD Young Pros are at it again. Contact them to get on the list for $5 cover. Cheap!

Stingaree – DJHere is hosting a roof top concert 2pm-9pm Go to Stingaree’s website for details.

Las Vegas, NV

PURE LOUNGE Caesar’s Palace -DJ AM takin’ charge of the turntables. Spend an evening with the Girls of Hawaiian Tropic

Ghost Bar and Rain The Palms – The SD Young Pros get around! Purchase your guest list at their website by Friday at 4:00 PM.