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Wear Your Shark Love On Your Sleeve

Oh, What a Bite Tee

The shark love has taken off this week. You cannot turn on the TV this week without seeing a shark themed television show, or movie. Have love for sharks? Want to show it off to the world? Here are some of shark themed shirts, dresses, and accessories that will fit the bill for any shark lover.

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Like the Oh What A Bite T-shirt above? It runs from Small to XXLarge, so it is sure to fit almost anyone with a love for the sharks, and it’s awfully cute. You can snag one up for $29.99. Not bad if you ask me.

Grab a Bite Socks

This socks are just adorable. I could slip these on and snuggle up on the couch watching my favorite shark-y shark shark moments on the TV with my friends or all by myself and my cocktails. Woo.

Shark! Who Goes There? Heel

What is a love of anything without the right shoes? Can you imagine wearing these shoes to WORK or school? The best way in my opinion is to wear a toned down outfit, like a red dress with a great cardigan and let these amazing shark heels do all of your talking for the rest of the day. POW!

Shark Wit Earbuds

How cute are these couldn’t you just die? These Shark Wit Earbuds swim in one ear and out the other. Could there be a cuter way to enjoy your favorite music than with these ultra cool sea colored earbuds? I think not. The only thing better would be if you were listening to your music with these while on your yacht. A pool or just a lounge chair will work just as well, though, so if you don’t have a private yacht, don’t stress out too much.

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  1. some really cute stuff here… and I love sharks!

  2. These are some great gift ideas for the shark lover

  3. I like all this shark love. The poor old shark has had a bad rap for years! :(