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Watch this!


Living in the San Diego area sometimes has its perks. ( I’m really 30 miles north). One such perk is Sam the Cooking Guy. I LOVE Sam the Cooking Guy. He makes food I want to eat, and my dad wants to eat, and every guy I know wants to eat… and prepare!

He’s funny, easy to follow, and looks like he walked out of a SHAG painting. He even has his dog in the kitchen with him most of the time. Don’t even write him about how unsanitary that may be, it’s HIS house, not a set.

ANYWAYS…. it used to be that you can only get Sam on COX channel 4 in San Diego, and since my cable would fizzle in the heat of summer, I couldn’t watch Sam anymore. So sad for me…. But I was filled with joy when I saw a commercial for Sam’s new show on Discovery Health!!

JUST COOK THIS will start September 6th on Discovery Health.

Watch it, you won’t be sorry ;-)

To see MORE of Sam, his dogs, and his family… go to “Just Cook This” Or “Sam The Cooking Guy”