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Watch Out Lindsay Lohan Is Back on the Road!

With family in town for support during troubled times actress Lindsay Lohan took a drive around the Santa Monica, California on February 22, 2011 in an shinny black Audi. Lindsay’s mother Dina, sister Ali and little brother Michael Jr. arrived in town last night. This week is said to be a big week for the young actress as she has two court appearances, once on Wednesday for her grand theft case and then again on Friday for a probation hearing. This could be one of the last time Lindsay will be allowed to drive as rumors swirl that the courts are considering revoking probation on her drunk driving conviction from back in 2007 due to the current charges pertaining to the grand theft case. Lindsay’s last appearance cause a great deal of chatter concerning her choice in court appropriate clothing, what will she be wearing this time around?

Via Fame Pictures

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