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Watch: I am because We Are

In light of Madonna’s reported wanting to adopt another child from Malawi, I thought it would be fitting to post about her documentary “I am because we are”.

From Raising Malawi’s site

We are proud to announce that I AM BECAUSE WE ARE will be featured on this Thursday, March 26th.

I AM BECAUSE WE ARE, the remarkable documentary film by director Nathan Rissman and Raising Malawi co-founder Madonna, documents the extraordinary challenges faced by a population devastated by AIDS and
endemic poverty.

While the film features appearances by Madonna, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and President Bill Clinton, its real stars are the spirited children whose stories so heart wrenchingly relate the complexities of life in
the developing world.

I AM BECAUSE WE ARE has inspired audiences at film festivals worldwide with its message of interdependence and intrinsic connection between all peoples. Its title is derived from a concept in African
spirituality which states that the very existence of any one of us is defined by the well-being of others.

After a successful featured run on The Sundance Channel, the film’s message of global interconnectedness now arrives at a very fitting venue on the worldwide web. Spread the word: I AM BECAUSE WE ARE enjoys a limited six-week online engagement at beginning this Thursday, March 26th.

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