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Was Angelina Jolie High During This 2000 Interview? VIDEO

It’s a day ending in Y so that means some sort of Angelina Jolie rumor is floating around. This time it’s her supposed former drug dealer, Franklin Meyer, talking to Life & Style. One of the things he yaps about is Angelina getting high before going on the air on the Charlie Rose Show in 2000. (she was promoting Girl, Interrupted)

Meyer says the starlet was on drugs during her Jan. 14, 2000, appearance on a talk show. “She was at my place. I was filming her and she’d taken coke,” Meyer tells Life & Style. “She went directly to do The Charlie Rose Show.” And his story certainly seems accurate. A 24-year-old Angelina went on the show to promote her new film Girl, Interrupted. During the interview, she’s shy and spacey, stumbles and stutters over her words, rambles on about her tattoos and is very fidgety.

At one point during the interview, she becomes overly excited when discussing how hard it was to let go of her characters Gia, (from the film of the same name), and Lisa, in Girl, Interrupted, and apologizes as she accidentally hits the microphone hooked up to her chest. And Angelina didn’t go home and sleep off her binge after she finished. Meyer says, “She did the show, then she came back over!”

I’d say this is a YES. But that’s not what hit me in this interview. What surprised me is that in 10 years Angelina is still giving the same interview script. She loves her mom, she takes on her characters and can’t let them go, and she doesn’t have friends (especially women).