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Vista’s Strawberry Festival 2013

balloon strawberries outside of Twice on Main Street Vista Strawberry Festival 2013

This past weekend, Vista held it’s 2013 Strawberry Festival.  Main street was shut down so the town could celebrate the big beautiful strawberry.

2013 vista strawberry festival strawberry man

It was filled of family fun, hey look is that a giant strawberry walking around?, as well as bands and a beer garden for the adults.  Food, drink, street fair, rides, more food, and a few races to burn off all those shortcakes.

vista strawberry festival shortcake with chocolate

The merchants on Main St. took this as a major opportunity to introduce themselves to the public.  There has been a renaissance in downtown Vista, and there are now many new restaurants, and stores on Main St.  including a brewery and Fifty Barrels Winery just moved in as well!  There is also an organic apothecary that just opened it’s doors.

Lush strawberry iced tea Vista Strawberry Festival 2013

Not bad for an area people avoided five years ago!  This place is really coming back to life, and people kept telling me all day that they are really excited to see new businesses moving in.

Well done Vista, well done!

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