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Vince Vaughn Wrote Scripts So He Could Act

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What do you do when you cannot get an acting job in Hollywood? Well if you’re Vince Vaughn, you write yourself into a movie.

He said: “It something that I’ve done forever uncredited. Even on ‘Return to Paradise’, I wrote a lot of the stuff in that. I’ve never taken credit. It was just my approach.

“I remember a moment in time, when I was talking to John Favreau, and I said, ‘Man, I’m so tired of sitting around and waiting for parts to come. No one’s hiring me, but there’s no material.’ I was waiting for material that I would do. I couldn’t get hired for anything. I was just an out-of-work actor.

“I said, ‘We should really write stuff,’ and then he wrote ‘Swingers’, and we got to improvise and do stuff. I really got my wings, in that moment, and took it upon myself.

“Sometimes rejection in an area, at the time, can seem hard, but it can actually be a gift because it forces you to get better at things that you weren’t initially considering doing.”

Who knew? Now, where do I take my script?

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