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Vince Vaughn to Marry?


Has the founding member of the frat pack decided to settle down?  It’s being reported that Vince Vaughn asked his Canadian girlfriend, Kyla Weber to marry him.

The Wedding Crashers star, 38, has been dating real estate agent Weber since last summer and the 29 year old moved into Vaughn’s Los Angeles home in December.

And now the couple is planning to take the relationship to the next level and exchange vows, according to America’s Star magazine.

A source says, “They spent a romantic weekend together. He dropped to one knee to propose and presented her with a gorgeous $125,000 four-carat diamond set in platinum. They’ll have their wedding either in L.A. or Alberta, and they’re both ready to start a family immediately.”

I don’t know… especially about him wanting to start a family… maybe it’s just the image he’s tried so hard to craft over the past decade.

If it’s true, good luck to them both!

The picture is of Vince and Kyla in Mexico last month.



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