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Vin is one of the "Guys"


Look who was all smiles outside of “Guys” in Hollywood last night. Vin Diesel looked more than happy to greet fans and sign some autographs outside of the nightclub. Could it be that he is quite please to have had the top grossing film, Fast and the Furious 4, last weekend? (It took in 72.5 MILLION!) Or, that people are happy he’s back? Or maybe that there are talks of a Fast and Furious 5 coming together?

“This was supposed to be it. There wasn’t supposed to be the open-ended closing like there was,” [Paul] Walker told MYfm’s Valentine. Click here for the entire audio interview with Walker.

“But without question, with the way things opened up, Vin and I will be coming back, we’re making a fifth one, and we’re going to Brazil, that’s it,” he added.

Brazil, huh? Maybe Vin’s baby momma will be able to get some time on screen then. Isn’t she Brazilian?

Did anyone see F&F 4? What do you think of a 5th?

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