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VIDEO – Will Jason Work For Bethenny PLUS The Return Of Nick! Bethenny Ever After Preview

This season of Bethenny Ever After has just about worn me out! All the emotions, and “tears per episode” have run me ragged! Why in the hell am I so invested in Bethenny and Jason’s marriage????

Anyway, tonight on BEA, Jason is still contemplating working “WITH” Bethenny, but she of course reminds him that she is still indeed the boss of the company. Will Jason leave his current job to work for Skinnygirl full time? Or will he avoid working with his wife at all costs?

Also, we get to see the return of Nick! I love awkward eager Nick. He’ll do anything Bethenny puts in front of him. I think he’s in love with her, to be honest. Or maybe he just has a hard time saying no? lol. Either way, Nick joins Bethenny for YOGA! Ok, well, Bethenny does yoga, I can’t figure out what it is that Nick is trying to do. He is going to hurt himself if he doesn’t learn how to breathe properly.

Check out the videos below and I’ll be watching tonight on Bravo!

Monday May 7th @10/9c – Bethenny Ever After

Avoid a working relationship at all costs

Yoga… but different

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