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Video- Will A Battle With A Client Cost Jeff His Job? Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis

Oh I love Jeff Lewis, and I am lo-o-oving this season of Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis even more than Zoila in a pile of kittens!

For years I worked in the construction industry and with some of the richest people in the SoCal area, on some of the most expensive homes. Seeing Jeff have to deal with the “eccentricities” of some of these people is just priceless. Mostly because it’s not me having to answer their questions without wanting to just walk away and pretend they don’t exist.

For some reason, a large number of his clients for this series are hoarders. Not wanting to let go of things, ever. Never, ever, ever. And tonight’s whack a doodle client isn’t any different. In fact, after they DONATE some of her items to charity, she wants it all back!!! Who does that?!?!

Check out it below or catch it on Bravo, tonight!

Wednesday May 9th @9/8c – Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis

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