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The newest trailer for Tron: Legacy was debuted yesterday at Comic Con, and let me say, WOW! I was able to see this in 3-D along with a nice 8 minute clip of the movie. I cannot wait to see this in the theatre. Writer Steve Lisberger, and director Joseph Kosinski were part of the panel along with the actors.

Original actors Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner re-boot their original characters. Twist? Bridges plays Kevin Flynn NOW, and Clu (his computer avatar) at the age of 35!

Newcomers to TRON are Olivia Wilde, Garrett Hedlund (playing Bridge’s son) and my favorite, Michael Sheen. Sheen looks like he is going to steal the show, and with all that CGI, it’s quite a statement.

Daft Punk was drafted to do the music for TRON: Legacy and they even have a cameo.

It really was impressive to see the special effects, especially when it took you forever to realize that some things were indeed CGI. But those glowing suits? They really did glow. Hedlund explained that the suit was about 3/4inch thick and had a power chord running through it to power the lights covering the suits.

Check out the trailer below!!!

Images via BusyBee
and Yahoo