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Video: The New England Patriots Get Growing Pains Treatment

Patriots wide reciever Julain Edelman made this Growing Pains themed throwback Thursday video for the New England Patriots

With everyone (not really) being obsessed with the size of the Patriots’ balls during the championship football game last week, (Deflate gate? Really?) this video is a welcome laugh.

Jualina Edelman wide reciever for the New England Patriots took his team and gave the “Growing Pains” treatment. Taking old photos of his teammates, Edelman set them to the theme music for the 1980s hit show, and all for Throwback Thursday. Don’t know what that is? Just go on social media on any given Thursday and you are sure to see old and embarrasing fashion mistakes in photos of your friends.

I’m not even a Patriots fan and this video gave me the giggles. But does anyone else think that that photo of coach Bill Belichick looks like the emperor from Star Wars? Creepy.

Enjoy and yes, you will have this song in your head for the rest of the day.

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