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Video Preview Mad Men Season 5 Episode 5

Tonight on Mad Men, what is the big news for Sterling Cooper Draper and Pryce?

Could it be that Peggy has on an actually flattering outfit! *Joan must be back if Peggy’s dressing well again ;-)*

Who is SCDP letting go? Is it a client? Or is it an employee? And why didn’t Ken Cosgrove notice that Peggy was in the diner? Hmmm.

It is good to see Lane Pryce and his wife on screen again. I mean after she spilled the beans on Lane’s gay relative at Don’s birthday party.

Side note, did you notice Don’s tie? It’s not just a solid color anymore. We should be seeing more paisleys and the wide ties and lapels will be arriving soon. I wonder if Megan picked out that nifty new tie for him.

Anyway, check out the preview for tonight’s episode below. Don’t forget that has a Mad MenĀ live chat every Sunday for new Mad Men episodes, 10 PM E/P

Photo Credit: Jordin Althaus/AMC

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