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Video Preview- Bethenny is overwhelmed with Skinnygirl, feels Jason is unlucky to love her on tonight’s Bethenny Ever After

This has been such a roller coaster of a season on Bethenny Ever After. Last week her long time assistant announced that she was leaving, and this week, it’s all drama all the time.

It’s all about TPE people, TPE. *tears per episode*

Bethenny may have sold the Skinnygirl brand to Beam, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a say in the direction of the brand anymore.

We also follow Bethenny to her cover shoot for Self Magazine. I love that the editor tells her that being flawed is a good thing in helping other people. I have to admit, that is what I love about Bethenny. She’s sometimes a mess, but she’s still super successful in her work.

And finally, Bethenny visits her shrink… again. *I may be a former counselor, but I am not a fan of these vignettes. I think they should be off limits to cameras* And girlfriend needs to get over this Jason was unlucky to love me crap. I know that’s harder to do than to say, TRUST ME I KNOW. Relationships are so much more difficult to live in than being single. I just hope that the rumors that they are indeed divorcing are not true. But from the looks of this season, Bethenny is pushing Jason out of the relationship.

Anyway… I’ll be watching tonight xoxo

Monday April 16 @10/9c – Bethenny Ever After

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