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Attention Man V Food Army! The show returns to the Travel Channel TONIGHT but at a new time 9:00 PM E/P.

TONIGHT Adam comes to San Diego (yay) and Boulder in back to back challenges.

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Adam will experience the best taco in San Diego at Licha Libre and a burrito full of… french fries?  After that, Adam visits Phil’s BBQ and tastes a tri-tip signature sauce that changes flavor as he eats.  At his final stop, Adam will be taking on the Broken Yolk Iron Man Challenge at the Broken Yolk Cafe.  In this challenge, Adam will attempt to take down a twelve egg omelette that is smothered in chili and a pound of melted cheese.  This omelette is served with a side of two biscuits and nearly two pounds of hash browns.  In one hour, Adam will have to achieve what 96% of people have failed: finish everything on his plate.  Can the food expert do it?

Immediately following San Diego, Adam will experience the Rocky Mountain air in Boulder, Colorado.  At his first stop, Adam eats the Grand Sicilian pizza at Beau Jo’s.  This massive mountain pie has a mile-high crust with an avalanche of toppings.  After that, Adam faces the legendary Saddleback Pancakes at The Buff Restaurant, just down the street from the University of Colorado.  Adam loves the pancakes he finds there, which are a combination of salty and sweet as they are stuffed with both bacon and sausage.  Finally, Adam attempts the Wing King Challenge at The West End Tavern.  This challenge involves a bucket full of more wings than all of Adam’s previous chicken wing challenges combined.  Can Adam finish the challenge in thirty minutes?

Want to know more about Adam’s ultimate hunger quest or how he attempts to conquer the unbelievable legendary challenges that America throws his way? Be sure to watch the premiere on Wednesday, June 16, at 9:00 E/P.  RSVP to our Man v. Food Facebook event so you don’t forget!