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[Video] Man V Food: Cleveland

Now, I’m a self proclaimed cheese lover, but I don’t think I would do 5 pounds of cheese sandwich! But this Wednesday at 9PM, Adam Richman takes on Cleveland’s own Melt Bar and Grilled challenge. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 5 POUNDS of grilled cheese?

Oh Cleveland, what were you thinking?

Want to know more about Adam’s ultimate hunger quest or how he attempts to conquer the unbelievable 14-cheese Melt Challenge? Be sure to watch the all-new episode on Wednesday, June 23, at 9:00 E/P.

Also, Man V Food is still looking to see how well your town represents the MvF spirit. You can now upload a photos, instead of video, of yourself doing the MvF hand-sign in front of iconic places in your town. If you are one of the first to submit a video or picture, you will get a limited-edition MvF t-shirt. You can enter on Facebook here:

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