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[VIDEO] Inferno Director Wants the "Meanness" Toward Lohan to Keep Going

Playing off the adage of There’s not such thing as bad publicity Lindsay Lohan’s Inferno director, Matthew Wilder, wants the “meanness” of the press to keep going.

“In a way I kind of want this murmuring of meanness right now,” Wilder says. “I feel like when this actually comes out and when you see what the movie is and what she’s doing, it’s going to be so unexpected that it’s going to actually kind of blow people’s minds.” [E!]

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The movie, Inferno, is a biopic on the life of porn star Linda Lovelace. Even with all of the negative press his star is receiving (by her own hand btw), Wilder hopes that people will be able to see beyond this image of a messed up star.

“The real person is very thoughtful and cares about acting and has a lot of heart. Not this kind of screwball that’s depicted everyday in the press. They want a person to project what they hate or what they envy on.”

“What I’m hoping now with our project is it’s going to turn the ship sort of,” he says. They’re not going to see this whacked-out person…They’re going to see the artist coming out.”

I have to admit I am VERY interested in seeing this movie. Maybe I’m a total Pollyanna, but I think Lindsay CAN do good work, if she wants to. And this part is just dark enough that she may be able to relate to it. But that’s just my opinion.

See the VIDEO of Matthew Wilder talking Lohan below!

Image via Tyler Shields