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VIDEO Eminem & Rihanna's Love The Way You Lie

Rapper Eminem debuted his new video for “Love The Way You Lie” with a cameo by Rihanna. This song is moving all on its own, but you add the video of Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan in an equally abusive relationship, and it’s combustible.

Throughout the video Fox and Monaghan yell, scream, hit, each other and then drink some more and make up just as explosively.

“[Director] Joseph [Kahn] and I worked pretty closely together to make sure we got this right,” said Eminem, 37. “Trying to make this tough subject work visually is a challenge. It was great to have Rihanna, Megan and Dominic on board for this. They really brought it and made this video super-powerful.” [People]

Like many people, all I can see when I hear this song is Rihanna and what Chris Brown did to hear. I don’t know if Em picked Rih specifically for this song because 1) she a good singer and/or 2) because of her own abusive past. I did find it interesting, though, that Rihanna is the only one that doesn’t catch fire.

On a more positive note, Megan Fox, donated her paycheck for the video to a Sojourn House, a shelter for abused women.

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