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Usher and wife splitting?


There two never seem to know their up from down. There are rumors, again, that Usher and his former stylist wife Tameka are on the outs again. She is reported living at their new home and he living at their home that’s on the market for sale.

There’s also a rumor going around that Usher had been stepping out on his wife with a R & B starlet. But, there’s it’s thought that TAMEKA or her friends had started this rumor themselves!!! That’s just wrong.

Usher is said to be so fed up with this dramz, that even though they may be at events at the same time, that he does not interact wit Tameka and refuses to have pics taken with her!!!

Or is this rumor mill simply a ploy to up the sales of his poorly performing CD??? It’s not beyond the realm of reality to use relationship drama to bring attention to a project.

What do YOU think? Is this just this couple’s state of normal? Or are they really on the outs, again?


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